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Progintern Communique #2
Neoconservatives seem to love to point out that the United States' founding fathers deliberately created a democratically representative republic rather than a majoritarian democracy so that the opinions of the many wouldn't rob the rights of the few.

However they don't seem to think the same principle applies to economics. Isn't a thoroughly unregulated free market running the same risk of the majority oppressing the minority? Of course it is, and we accept this because capitalism inherently cannot be fair but is the best possible system as far giving people economic freedom, which is a necessary component to civil freedom and human freedom. However the trick is that in this case more isn't more people oppressing a smaller group of people, which apparently most people would be ok with, but instead a small group of people with the most money using that to deny the rights of the majority of people, who have less money.

It's not an actual free market if some are freer than others. This isn't about making everyone equal in a way impossible in a real society (which is why communism is good on paper but not in reality), this is simply about performing the same function even the Neocons attribute to the government: the protection of the freedoms of the citizenry. The concentration of wealth, power, and privilege into the hands of a small cabal of croney capitalists ( the politically connected white collar criminal elite) is directly undermining the freedoms of the people, the people being what the nation is made of.  In such a distortion of a well-intentioned system the majority of people have no rights, only whatever privilege the elites deem to convey upon them (incidentally what some Neocons attribute to being the motivation of progressives who support welfare and entitlement programs, in a direct reversal given by the oligarchs in order to portray progress as tyranny and their tyranny as progress).

A group of political-financial insiders can trample people's rights just as easily as a foreign army, so isn't it the government's job to protect the people from them as well?

A market is only a free market with regulations (the same way with freedom comes the responsibility not to impinge the freedom of others).


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