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Words of Unwisdom From Cohee Tuckahoe

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Progintern Communique #3
I have a theory that part of the negativity and the antipathy towards helping people that some reactionaries display comes from the fact that they have so much fetishism for negative liberties (the government cannot do...) and negative morality (god says to not do...) that they become apathetic and ultimately antagonistic towards the universality of positive rights (mostly dealing with the quality of life and treatment/enfranchisement within the existing system of human/civil rights) and towards positive morality (going out and helping people and encouraging others to help people and helping people help themselves rather than focusing on indoctrinating them). But the truth is you can't have one without the other. If you don't stick up for people's quality of life, things like the right to unionize and the need for regulations on monopolies and trusts, then you are eroding their civil/human rights and thus making the statement that those rights are not entitlements granted to all citizens but instead privileges extended conditionally from the elite to everyone else; and that is not the kind of country that I think most people want to live in.

Economic freedom on a large-scale and traditional moral character are important, but they are components not the essence of freedom and morality in themselves. They are simply tools/institutions, among many other vital tools/institutions, used to pursue the direction of protecting the human dignity and unalienable (as in everyone is entitled to them) of all people. Forsaking the other such tools is like chopping off the rest of your body so your arm can accomplish more on it's own.


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