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Words of Unwisdom From Cohee Tuckahoe

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Progintern Communique #4
As a student of human nature it makes this humble illuminatus grin and giggle to see the champions of the idea that responsible Americans must choose between oligarchy and plutocracy currently waging a war of revisionist-history against FDR and progressivism, decrying those who would help others as seeking to rule them, all throughout the media (especially FOX media) without any hint of hypocrisy or irony in their voices.

How can those who state that the richest 1 percent are the greatest workers of our society claim that anyone else is an elitist and keep a straight face?

The biggest enemies to the middle, working, and disadvantaged classes are those who would use god and country and empty hateful nationalist populism to manipulate them while refusing to recognize the act of helping those people (other than converting them and blaming their problems on their own immorality) as anything other than immoral godless totalitarian evil.


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