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Progintern Communique #5 A Handy Field Guide To Surreal Politics
When Republicans damage the budget to create a situation where each year we're siphoning off billions, with no end in sight, that's fiscally responsible.

When Democrats plan to spend more now to stop that leakage and save money in the long-term (while fixing the giant holes in education, healthcare, energy, and entitlement programs in the process), that's wildly irresponsible.

When Republicans want to convince the middle class to trust the super-rich by telling them that they can be rich too and keep the working class fooled by keeping them enraged at strawmen and paper targets, that's being for the people.

When Democrats want to help the middle and working class with tax-cuts; help in areas like education, healthcare, and energy; and by adjusting the taxes of the rich to no longer be less than those of the middle-class, that's communism.

When a conservative media channel that claims to be a news network attempts to oust the government in a populist coup usurping a small anarcho-capitalist protest, that's patriotic grassroots activism.

When a center-left government puts tentative steps in place to move the system to a place still to the right of the UK and Canadian systems, much less the far father left still socialism that works for many of our European friends, that's Stalinism.

When a Republican wants to rob future generations by pocketing tax-cuts for himself and the rest of the rich now and solve the economic crisis by blaming people who are losing their homes for not buying useless consumer products, while allowing mounting problems like healthcare and energy to continue to grow more and more devastating, that's looking out for America's future.

When a Democrat wants us as a society to go to the effort of fixing those huge social problems now before they get worst, to make a better world for ourselves and our children, that's enslaving future generations.

When Republicans lie, cheat, steal, get away with stealing an election and faking evidence to get into a completely unjustified war, and generally prove to be dishonest that's just a few bad apples...and in fact those people aren't bad apples at all, they're shining examples. In fact you're a goddamn unpatriotic shithead for even bringing them up or suggesting they did a bad job and you owe all the REAL Americans an apology!

When Democrats struggle with the administrative bulk of keeping the anarchocapitalistic financial system set up by those same sort of conservatives from dragging the country down into a depression, that's a sign that they are all evil and need to be kicked out before even the current four year term is up, as soon as possible, with the Democratic Party (and all others but the Republican Party) to be banned until further notice just in case.

When Republican politicians and media fringe conservatives attempt every strongarm tactic ever invented by Hitler and Stalin, they're good old-fashioned "real Americans".

When a Democratic government voted in on an overwhelming mandate pursues it's progressive policies, even while cutting itself off at the knees in order to make compromises with the right wing politicians that have hardly been out of power at all yet and don't constitute a large enough portion of the elected government to warrant such fawning treatment, that's communazism.

When a Republican president lies to the people; introduces unethical, inhumane, and inefficient/counterproductive policies; ruins confidence in the government at home and trust in us abroad; and commits us to the oppression of a foreign people with no connection to the terrorist attack used as justification (unlike the Saudi royals that president is close business partners with...) even after we've deposed the military dictator who was our only (although completely unrelated) moral and practical justification for being there... well that's all fine.

When a Democratic president attempts to repair our relationship with the international community, prevent a new Cold War with Russia, and sit down and talk with our potential enemies so we can know them (isn't there a saying about that...'know your enemy'?...nah)...that's intolerable!


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