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Genefuck...and Lamarckian Memetics
 The gene-centric view of natural selection holds that genes, not individuals or species, are the basic unit of selection; based on statistical information that gives the indication that the propagation of a gene is the most successful agenda among successful species. This leads into the idea that the genes themselves are simply trying to keep reproducing and through natural selection those most beneficial at a given time in a given environment are simply the ones that succeed in doing so; thus instead of survival of the fittest one could argue that organisms are a survival of the ones who reproduce the most, it just so happens that natural selection on the organism level culls off those genes that weren't beneficial for their hosts. So genes could be seen as parasites that became symbiotes in this case, in same way a virus might be (both are not living things in any way, but that way of describing the behavior has been suggested before).
Even if it's a misguiding way of overstating a certain point, it is useful in helping people to break out of their idea of evolution as a guiding hand trying to make an individual or a bloodline survive. I find the possibility that the behavior of organisms to survive and reproduce is simply the impetus of parasitic acid chains to do so very interesting.

So basically rather than necessarily being a component of all life by neccessity in the common-sense way we usually assume, perhaps that behavior in life as we know it is simply part of that specific parasitic-symbiotic relationship.
And that makes one wonder what would happen to human instincts in terms of evolutionary deviation over time if we ever transcend from our flesh bodies.
Bioroids who function on a cellular rather than genetic level or full body cyborgs or even gengineered organisms with their genes "tamed" in some way might have a huge capacity for deviations in behavioral instincts previously unheard of in life as we know it .
You would be freeing the potential of minds from these inanimate puppetmasters.

So if you reproduced through purely information means, even if that reproduction occupied a body completely like yours just without or with a separation from genetic code, then even if it's experiential life was just like life as we know it (occupying a body, all the normal external imperatives of survival, etc.) over a relatively few generations their could be huge deviation in what meme rather than gene based instincts are passed down in this informational reproduction process. So if you just kept dubbing new mental offspring onto even regular lifeforms, even with the same external imperatives of survival the survival instincts might begin to wildly differ.
The same way the shape of acid strands can create all sorts of physical changes in the development of the cells that follow that coding, the shape of information would cause standard deviation over generations in an entirely different way. And most importantly, if you take a meme as just being a basic unit of information, then unlike genes memes can pass on traits that were acquired during the life of the parent to the child - that is if the child is a new mind born from the parent's mind with as much difference as a child's body has from it's parent's body. That is, it would make sense that memes would exhibit the Lamarckian ability to transmit not only the beginning information but also information acquired throughout the lifetime of the parent to the mental offspring, if dubbing mental offspring rather than just making mental clones through some mechanism of mind uploading ever became possible.
So that alone would offer whole new frontiers of evolution and mutation of pre-life basic instincts.

And back on the subject of ourselves as we are now, we blame the reptilian jellybeans in our brains for things that may be the unthinking actions of the genes instead.
I think that the desirable paradigm shift for humanity must be sexual reproduction of minds on a purely information based level. That has potentials for innate change and variability that you would not find with ourselves simply becoming robots with a non-Lamarckian mental inheritance capacity or even posthuman organisms that start with the cloned information verbatim of our parents within us at birth.

Anyways, therefore the development of mind uploading technologies and the subsequent development of mind remixing technology and the technology to dub those remixes, those mental offspring, is our evolutionary imperative as a species and a civilization.
To dub those mental offspring into bodies so they can acquire new mental traits throughout their lives that they will pass down, without the burden of their complete minds and memories, to their own mental offspring.

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